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                  Bluebird Family of Friends    12/10/2018

       Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas to our Family of Friends! 

I hope this  finds everyone healthy, happy and filled with excitement in anticipation of the Holiday season.

I wanted to take this opportunity to make everyone aware of our new Facebook page. It is “ Blue Bird Family of Friends “. Please if you would, go to Facebook page and send a friend request, as well as Like our page. This will be a great tool to stay connected with other members, as well as for getting our information out quickly.  Changes in scheduled events, travel plans and announcements can be posted and shared here, eliminating lots of phone calls. We can share pictures and many things here.                                                                                            Yes I stole the Idea from the Vintage group. They are a pretty smart bunch. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just copy it.

We are also attempting to organize a gathering starting 3/7/2019 through 3/10/2019 at the Recreation Plantation in Lady Lake Florida. There are other events taking place in late Feb. and it’s impossible for me to be involved in early Feb. I have attempted clearing my schedule then and haven’t been successful. If someone else would like to do this, you are most welcome to do so.  Everyone that plans to attend this gathering please let me know by way of email, Facebook, text or call.

Looking to our 2019 Fall Rally, we will attentively be holding this Rally in Marion N.C. The Tom Johnson/Camping World Center has accommodations and presently thinks this can work there.


Merry Christmas

Larry Miller


Bluebird Family of Friends